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Full Version: CAS() call in HPPPL program
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I'm trying to use the CAS()-function from a HPPPL program following an example found on the MoHPC forum. Here the code:

local cmd:="solve(diff(" + f + ",x),x)";

The execution of CASCMD1("x^3-3*x") gives the cmd-string "solve(diff(x^3-3*x,x),x)" instead of the normal result {-1,1}.

I have installed the latest firmware (10077). Is this normal behaviour in this firmware version? The docs corresponding with this firmware are not yet published I think.

Yes, this is normal in 10077...
I posted a paper explaining the changes here:

The quick summary is that the CAS/Home interaction is now much better, but you loose the ability to do thing with string as you did here.
You should be able to do directly:

Thanks for the information.
Can we be optimistic about a DIDACTICALLY thought manual that does not lack CONTENT be released in the near future?
I mean thank you for posting your paper, but a sidenote in the patchnote like home/cas improved and forcing people to search the internet is not what I would expect from a prime manufacturer. HP should feel obligated to offer a well organized documentation. The way things are now is not at all satisfactural.
The original question is only a small part of the whole...
I do not mean to blame anyone, I don't want to sound rude, but things did not get much better since prime's release.
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