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Full Version: Inconsistency
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Hi all

With the current firmware version (2015 6 17 (8151)) I get the following results in CAS-mode:

0/0 = undef
1/0 = +- \infty
sin(0.5)/0 = +Inf
1/\infty = 0

None of these results is correct! If I wanted to compute a limit, I'd write a limit. In all these cases, the only thing I try to do is dividing by 0 (or infinity) which is certainly not defined. Am I missing some setting where I can switch off automatic converting to limit in such cases?
And how am I going to explain my students, who by the way don't know about limits yet at all, what these results mean? It's really hard to teach math with a calculator who is so inconsistent. By the way, in Home-mode, the results are correct.

I have also found several warnings to be in either French or English if the language is set to German. There should be invested some more work in the translations.


the french warnings are a result of the CAS which is based on XCAS by Bernard Parisse from Grenoble. So most of the warnings in the CAS are french.

About the division by zero i agree with you, the result should ever be "undefined". about the division by infinity one could discuss.

But if you want to get answers by the team which developed the prime you shoud ask at :


regards Wolfgang
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