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Full Version: Spreadsheet; Determining if a cell is EMPTY
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There appears to be no way to determine programmatically whether or not a spreadsheet cell is EMPTY (blank). Cells by default behave as if they store a ZERO even though they show BLANK on the screen. Have tried TYPE, STRING, DIM and various other functions in an effort to distinguish an EMPTY cell from a cell containing a user input ZERO value.

try using A1(1) which will return the formula associated with the cell. If the cell is empty, it will return -1. else it will return the formula.

Of course, this is problematic if the cell formula is -1...

Thanks Cyrille,
That works and is probably the closest I will get. It does provide a solution for the particular application I have in mind.
There has been quite a bit of discussion on this issue in the forums and as far as I can see no one else is aware of your workaround.
Chris Bragg
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