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bugs in version 2016 - wangchong01 - 23-09-2016 02:14 PM

1.the calculator crashed when there is a sentence which quits the iferr...then structure,for example:
EXPORT restart()
this restart function works quite well in the new firmwareBig Grin
2.programming in the cas
When there is a mistake in an cas program and you check it ,the calculator will jump to the wrong position.
3.when the calculator is loading memory(shift+B) and you restart it by pressing On+Symb ,one of my programs will be lostSad.
4.the function blit_p will not cover the some sides of the rectangle area while the function rect_p will.
5.when I plot a function in cas and give the result to a grob,the calculator will go down immediately,for example:
then it crashed.
6. when I define a string like str:="abc"+CHAR(0)+"d" it echos "abc" in the home view and DIM(str) returns 5.
7.when I use input for inputting a string, I can not input anything, for example:
EXPORT main()
LOCAL str="";
I can't input anything to the variant str!

There are some other bugs but I can't remember them all. I'm looking forward to the bugs all fixed in the next version!