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Bug in fsolve() or just wrong used?
07-09-2015, 08:20 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2015 03:00 PM by KonradM.)
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Bug in fsolve() or just wrong used?
Hello, I bougt a HP Prime calculator on Amazon. Unfortunately it is not here yet, but I got the emulator to get used to it. I like the emulator pretty much and hope the calculator will get here fast, I can't wait Big Grin.
Well, I guess I found a bug in the CAS. I have not found any information about this bug somewhere else so I am not sure if it is a bug or if I am using the calculator wrong. Using the fsolve() function I was trying to find some intersections. Then I wanted to see how far I could go. So I entered some pointless equations.

What I endet up was:
The results seemed to be fine. The problem I found out occurs when I enter bigger ranges.

For example:
It doesn't give me all intersections.

Using this line I get all the intersections.

So the output of the calculator varies if I enter to big ranges. If the range is to big I only get one result.
It doesn't seem to set limitations.

I hope someone can help me.
The calculator is selled since 2013 and Updated frequently. So I guess HP is working still on it aren't they? I heard about some other bugs which are fixed mostly. Is there somewhere some information from HP about future updates?

Sorry if my english skills aren't perfekt. I hope didn't made that much mistakes Blush.

Edit: So I got my calculator today. This issue still occurs on the hardware.

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