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the Hohmann orbit transfer
29-03-2016, 09:33 PM
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the Hohmann orbit transfer
This HP Prime program solves the Hohmann orbit transfer problem between two circular Earth orbits. It is valid for both coplanar and non-coplanar orbits.

The companion zip file contains a PDF document that describes the mathematics of the Hohmann transfer and the solution method.

The following is the output from this program.

Hohmann Orbit Transfer Analysis

initial orbit altitude 300 km
initial orbit radius 6678.14 km
initial orbit inclination 28.4999999999 deg
initial orbit velocity 7725.75849386 mps

final orbit altitude 35786.2 km
final orbit radius 42164.34 km
final orbit inclination 2.5 deg
final orbit velocity 3074.65388637 mps

first inclination change 2.06933377042 deg
second inclination change 23.9306662295 deg
total inclination change 25.9999999999 deg

first delta-v 2446.72845032 mps
second delta-v 1732.48150109 mps
total delta-v 4179.20995141 mps

T/O semimajor axis 24421.24 km
T/O eccentricity 0.726543779104
T/O inclination 26.4306662295 deg
T/O perigee velocity 10151.4931415 mps
T/O apogee velocity 1607.83003856 mps

T/O coast time 18990.3317865 seconds
T/O coast time 316.505529775 minutes
T/O coast time 5.27509216292 hours

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